Cyber Threats Pose Great Risk to Enterprises.

Unveil the Unknown Threats

Only Long-Term analysis can help detecting the attacks at early stage!

EyeQuila is the extraordinary solution developed to specifically detect latent and unknown cyber threat by CHT telecommunication Laboratories. EyeQuila leverages the cutting-edge big data technologies and unique advanced behavior analysis engine, and employs retrospective analysis of network traces to continuously monitor and discover hidden malicious activities within the enterprise.

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  EyeQuila 50 EyeQuila 200 LogSensor 100 LogSensor 120
Height 1U 2U 1U 1U
Role Intelligence Center Intelligence Center  Data Collector  Data Collector
Performance 50 GB/day 200 GB/day 80,000 EPS 1 Gbps
Disk Capacity 8.4 TB 18 TB 1 TB (Queue) 1 TB (Queue)
NICs Quad Port GbE
Power Supply Hot Swappable Redundant Power Supply

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